How To Kill It On Facebook With A New Landing Page From LeadPages

At any given time, Facebook has got 727 million users checking in on their pages, changing statuses, posting comments, photos, and essentially, doing all sorts of “Facebook-y” stuff (hopefully, not “catfishing”). With 1.19 billion active users worldwide, you’ve got hundreds, thousands, and even millions of possible customers that are “hanging out” on the world’s biggest social networking site. According to LeadPages, these users are all just waiting to discover all the great things your business has to offer.


Unlike some landing page generators in the market, LeadPages has the distinction of being Facebook-compatible, which means all the well-designed templates — from the opt-in pages to the launching soon pages — can be published directly to your Facebook page, allowing you to leverage your audience from the social network.


Here’s even better news: you can build your list, generate improved interaction, and create a bigger Facebook audience with the Facebook list-building landing page from LeadPages. Called the Made for Facebook Giveaway Page, the newest LeadPages template was designed from the ground up, with SuperFastBusiness founder James Schramko, and it will enable you to give away “free killer content on Facebook while getting Facebook users to opt-in to your list and to like your page.”


LeadPages shares that Schramko shared his original design, which the team at LeadPages tweaked to optimize the template for more conversions. Publishing the template to the Facebook page is done in four easy clicks. You only need to go to the LeadPages editor and select how you’d like to publish your page. First, click Add to Facebook page. Second, Choose Facebook Pages. Third, click desired page on drop down menu. And fourth, click Add Page Tab.


Users of the Made for Facebook Giveaway Page will “like” the “Like” button of the template lining up directly below Facebook’s Like section.


Customization of the LeadPages Facebook list-building template will be easy to do, much like all of the landing page generator’s marketing pages. You simply select areas that need to be changed or updated, from the copy to the logo to the colors that reflect your branding. Naturally, don’t forget to add your opt-in, which is how you’ll build your list, and to include your offer, be it a training video or downloadable e-book, by clicking the Lead Magnets delivery section. This feature takes care of sending all your freebies, from reports to videos, in exchange for a client or customer’s email address.


The beauty of the LeadPages Facebook list-building page is that the template you’ve already created for the social network can also be published for other platforms like on WordPress or on your own server.


Once you’ve published your page on Facebook, you can sit back, relax, and watch your list grow — maybe by the hundreds, maybe by the millions. So, start adding more likes and opt-ins to your site by checking out the template here.

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