How To Install OptimizePress Plugin Via WordPress

OptimizePress can be installed via FTP or directly through WordPress. Many prefer to install the plugin directly on WordPress because it is quicker and more convenient. However, do take note that some hosting companies put a cap on the file size that can be uploaded to websites through WordPress. In such cases, the OptimizePress support theme can work around this limit on file uploads. All you have to do is to provide them with your website’s URL, FTP details and your logins for your WordPress site.


Here’s how you can install the plugin via WordPress.


The first thing you need to do is login to your WP admin dashboard. Once you have logged in, click on the Media button found on the left side of the screen and then click on Add New. You will then be redirected to the Upload New Media page. Notice the Maximum upload file size found at the bottom of the page. If the maximum allowable file size is below 30 MB, you may need to reconfigure your WP Config file or simply enlist the help of the OptimizePress support team. However, if the allowable file size exceeds 30 MB, you may proceed with the uploading of the plugin.



Again, on the left hand side of the screen, click on Plugins and then click on Add New. You will then be redirected to another page. On the upper left portion of the screen under the Install Plugins title, click on Upload. Then, click on the Choose File button. A window containing your downloaded files will then appear. Choose the OptimizePress plugin zip file and click Open.




Once you have selected the OptimizePress zip file, click the Install Now button. Due to the plugin’s file size as well as your Internet connection speed, installation may take a few minutes.


After the installation has finished, click on the Activate Plugin link. You will then see that OptimizePress has become listed under your plugins list. The OptimizePress tab also appears on the left side column.



Click on the OptimizePress tab. You will then be asked to enter your API key. Enter your details and then click Save Settings.


For more details on OptimizePress, click HERE.

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