How To Extend Your Video Marketing Reach With ScreenFlow Professional Movie Making Software

Video marketing is one of the major business buzzwords today. Business leaders have affirmed how the audio-visual format helps them tell their story effectively, deliver their message to the audience and forge a meaningful connection with their target market. Making videos for your marketing campaign has now become faster and cheaper with the availability of high-quality multimedia tools and equipment that can be easy to use even for the beginner video maker.


One of the leading video tools today is ScreenFlow. This professional movie making software is designed specifically for producing and processing screencasts, allowing users to record their screen, edit their video and share the finished product to their audience. ScreenFlow is recommended for business owners and marketing managers who produce their own content, but there are a lot of other sectors, such as trainers, educators or presenters who can benefit from its easy-to-use features as well.


Wide accessibility
Video producers should know that people are now using multiple devices, browsers and programs for their multimedia needs. ScreenFlow addresses this trend by making sure screencasts can be accessed through a wide range of media players, making the content viewable to a broad audience range and the content editable to users and their various platforms. ScreenFlow supports export with QuickTime, Flash playback, Windows Media Player with the Flip4Mac Windows Media and other commonly used platforms.


Post-production efficiency
ScreenFlow runs on powerful applications that ensure top-notch performance, memory use, export quality, speed and scalability – that means fast export, fast upload and no delays in the process, allowing you to publish timely updates to your audience. For optimal viewing quality, you can customize the settings (for Web, iPhone, iPad, etc.) to suit your and your audience’s preferences.


Multi-platform release
ScreenFlow is called “the best video capture software” also because it allows you to manage and handle multiple tasks at once without affecting work quality – something you may not be able to do with traditional, bulky editing programs. What’s more, it basically integrates editing and distribution into one smooth workflow. After editing, you can publish your screencast directly to your chosen channel including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, or store it in Google Drive or Dropbox. You can choose whether the video can be viewed by the public or by private users only.


The process is made easy and intuitive as well for business owners and marketers who want to optimize the video distribution by uploading it to their website. Screencasts can be easily converted to a Flash video presentation through a single step, making it ready and easy to upload straight to the website.

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