How To Customize The Social Proof Opt-in Page In LeadPages

As far as lead pages go, LeadPages’ is definitely equipped with all the most attractive and effective solutions. Knowing how important creating beautiful lead pages are in generating traffic and securing conversions, LeadPages always makes sure that its templates are easy to customize according to the requirements of its clients. One great proof is this gorgeous lead generation page that will allow businesses to show social proof to establish credibility and capitalize on most consumers’ herd mentality. Showing social proof in split tests has been revealed to increase conversions by over a hundred percent.


However, this can be tricky — the last thing you want is to appear like you’re bragging, which can actually turn potential customers away. With the right lead generation page, that problem can easily be taken care of.


To secure all the benefits of strategic placement and presentation of social proof to get opt-ins, here is the process of using the social proof opt-in page in LeadPages.


· Just like with all pages in LeadPages, all you have to do is click on an element to start editing. Start off with the header image; go to the style settings and change all the elements that you want, and then change the headline and the subhead so that they reflect what you’re giving away.


· Proceed to update the bullet points under the subhead, add your text, and click OK.


· Head to the testimonials section and if you wish to hide it; you can do so by clicking Hide. However, since testimonials serve as social proof, you’re likely not to do that. Instead, update the testimonials by adding your text and then choosing the image to use. The cool thing about adding pictures or images is you don’t need to upload a round image – meaning you don’t need to edit the image yourself using a different program so it can be uploaded; LeadPages will make it round for you.


· Select an email provider you wish to integrate with, and indicate which list to add people to. This page you’re creating then can serve as a Webinar registration page as well as a Facebook registration page – just click the appropriate options in the setting.


· Turn on the option to send out the conversion encyclopedia after somebody opts in, and then select the file from the drop down menu.


· Once you’re done customizing this page, name it and save the page.


· The page will go live after you’ve saved it, and then you can proceed to hit Publish. You will be provided a URL that you can immediately view on the Internet. You can choose to publish the page on WordPress, add it to Facebook as a tab, or you can download the file and put it on your own server, and you’re done.


Add social proof to your brand promotion by checking out this template inside LeadPages – CLICK HERE.

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