How To Customize The Elegant Basic Opt-in Page In LeadPages

Time and again, LeadPages proves its dedication to creating attractive and effective lead pages for online marketing. And now, its latest offering is generating a lot of interest for not just being beautiful in its simplicity but also impressively effective and efficient.


The Elegant Basic Opt-in Page was strategically designed to get people to opt-in without being too visually arresting. The subtle integrations are well-calculated so viewers will be led to “naturally” opt-in. It’s important to mention as well that this lovely page is quite easy to customize in LeadPages — in no time it will be up and viewable through WordPress, Facebook or your own server.


The Steps

1. Find the Elegant Basic Opt-In Page and slide to use this template.


2. Decide on what you’re giving away for opt-ins (say, a video) and then add your logo at the top.


3. Add your headline to the Headline section. Like with all other pages in LeadPages, just click on the section to start editing.


4. Add the benefits of choosing to opt-in. What’s particularly cool about this page is you can easily add the benefits which will appear in bullet form and the page will naturally expand or contract as you put in all the benefits you can think of for your opt-in provision.


5. Once you’re done listing all the benefits, you can then add a thumbnail of your video (or whatever product you’re giving away).


6. Proceed to select your integration: the list you want to add people to; integration with Go To Webinar so the page can also serve as a webinar registration page; and integration with Facebook which will allow people to opt-in using their Facebook account.



7. Head to the Brand section. You have to option to use it or not. Fill it with the right details by clicking on the brands that you’ve been seen through if you want to use this section. And if you don’t, just click Hide.



8. Name the page and then save the page. Once saved, the page will automatically go live online.


9. Click the Publish button and you will then be provided a URL that will allow you to view the page that you’ve just created.


10. Lastly, go back to the Publish page and select the different places where you want to publish the page such as WordPress or Facebook, or you can download the file and put it on your own server. And you’re done.


The process is very easy; you don’t even need to be particularly tech-savvy. In just under an hour, you get a professional-looking lead page to serve your business. Click here and start optimizing your very own Elegant Basic Opt-in Page.

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