How To Boost Webinar Attendance Using A Video Webinar Registration Page By LeadPages

Webinars are essential tools for providing exceptional value to your customers. They are great for providing useful information and encouraging your target audience to engage in conversation, and are helpful in letting people take a sneak peek at what you have to offer.


Getting people to opt into your webinar is the primary goal, and to complement this, the LeadPages team devised a simple yet highly effective extra step to motivate your audience to actually attend the webinar they signed up for — putting a video on your webinar registration thank you page.


You may be unsure of what to put in this video, but there’s no need to worry. LeadPages has created a general video that will work with any kind of webinar you are hosting because it simply lets viewers know what to do next after opting into a webinar.

The contents of the video will be something like this:

“Congratulations for opting into this webinar! We (the organizers) guarantee that the information you receive from this webinar will be of great value to you and your business, and that it will be well worth your time.

Here are the next four things you can do now.

1. Print This Page
Click the “Click to print this page” link at the upper right corner. The insights you learn from the video are so valuable, and printing the page will let you get a copy of all the important points that you can then stick to your refrigerator door, pin to your corkboards, or affix anywhere it can be easily seen for better recall.


2. Share on Social Media
Like the webinar on Facebook, tweet about it, and post it on Google+. This will let other people know about the webinar. Because it’s free, this is a nice little way to pay us back — by sharing the information for other people to discover.


3. Add to Your Calendar
With just one click, you can add this webinar to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCalendar so that you’re sure to be reminded of it.


4. Download the Workbook
You’ll want to download the workbook we prepared for this very purpose. Have it open and ready for taking notes as the webinar goes on so you won’t miss a thing. You can download it now so you can go through it and get an idea of the topics to be discussed during the webinar.”


If you’re a LeadPages user and you want to use this video, here’s what you need to do:

· Inside LeadPages, when you’re customizing your webinar registration thank you page, click on the video.

· Copy it, go to the URL, get the embed code under the video, and paste it in the video box.

· Finish customizing the page and then save it. When you publish, the video will be live on your page.


If you want to download the video and modify it to work with another webinar registration page, you can download the video as a Screenflow file and as a high-quality MP4 file that you can post anywhere. If you have a LeadPages account (if you don’t and plan to create one), you may click HERE.

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