How To Boost The Performance Of Your Sales Pages With Noble Samurai

Much attention is given to traffic generation for online marketing. True, it’s important, but no large income is generated by traffic alone. A Web-based business that really wants to translate its marketing strategy into income should definitely pay more attention to the ways of securing conversions from traffic to its website.


High conversion is often described as “opening a flood gate of new profitable opportunities.” With high conversions, marketers suddenly find out that the products the business offers are completely profitable; therefore, they immediately begin sending hot leads to the website as fast as they possibly can. If you’re an online business owner, you can then use this consistent stream of sales to purchase even more traffic through various advertising sites, which in turn fast-tracks the growth of your business and explodes your online profits. But the question remains, how can conversions be increased?


The answer is simple: It’s by capitalizing on the need, creating urgency and mixing it with scarcity. The formula never fails because the principles are deeply rooted in the natural psychology of people; when they know something’s about to run out (because so many people want it) and it will not be around again for an incredibly long time, they automatically go on panic mode and develop an urgent need for this “thing” – it’s always better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it, after all.


Sadly, though, most businesses do not know how to use their formula to their greatest advantage, so they pretty much content themselves with mediocre sales performance. However, if you do not want your business to be anything like these enterprises, using this formula and focusing greatly on the scarcity variable that Noble Samurai uses can definitely help to skyrocket your conversion and overall business bottom line with very little effort. So how can you make this work? It all begins with the unbreakable rule of scarcity.


What is the unbreakable rule of scarcity?
Noble Samurai claims that you absolutely must visualize the scarce elements of your offer. If you present a deadline for your offer, it must always be visible to your audience because it will create that positive pressure for them to take action as soon as possible or they can lose their chance “forever.”


The key to good marketing is about creating both logical and emotional reason for your customers to take action; that’s why visualizing your deadline is one of the most reliable and effective ways to inject that emotion into your customers’ decision process. When you trigger that fear of missing out in their minds, you easily lock in the right reaction that will also secure your income.


How is this implemented?
You can use the Scarcity Samurai feature for your email communications, landing pages, sales letters, affiliate offers and any other calls to action in your marketing funnel – this will guarantee a significant boost in your marketing results.


The Setup Process
· Start by installing Scarcity Samurai on your website, of course; there are step by step instructions provided. (Check out the steps here)

· Once you’re done with installation, head to the dashboard then select the Evergreen Scarcity Single Page Set Up then give the campaign a name, and choose the page you’d like to add Scarcity to from the list of pages on your site.

· Next, enter the amount you want the page to be available for until it expires, then define what you want to happen when the time’s up. Your options are right below the timer.



· Afterwards, choose how you want to visualize your Scarcity banner — where it should be placed on the page, and its design. You can choose a design through the Customize Banner button; start with the style then type in the message, select how you prefer the timer to look, add a button, then match the color with the website.


· Press the Save As button and give the page a name.



· You can also specify a time delay so your banner appears at the perfect time on your sales message, like when you talk about the price of your product. Likewise, to make your banner clickable, just select the page or URL to send your customers to click the Finish button.

· You can then view the page to see if everything displays properly and the timer is counting down to the real time.


Split Test Results
After testing two versions of the page, the one that made use of Scarcity Samurai showed an 80% boost in sales, profit and income. It’s important to include that Scarcity Samurai can also be added to sign-up pages, and this feature displayed a 40% boost in registrations.


The Web business scene is very competitive, but with the right tools such as Scarcity Samurai, you can ensure your enterprise’s advantage, outperform your competition, increase brand awareness, generate more income, attract more customers, and be a leader in your industry.


Start here to add your element of scarcity to offers and increase your overall conversions right now.

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