How Finding Content For Your Website Can Be Made Quicker And Easier

Good content is what drives websites to a competitive level of recognition within its industry.  Apart from this, SEO experts claim that good, high quality content is largely responsible for sites that are able to withstand the ever changing policies within the SEO realm. Therefore, it’s crucial that significant attention is given to the proper creation of Web pages. Written content cannot just be about anything; it has to be written specifically for optimization purposes – for the keywords that you want to rank for.

So, how do you “create” good content?


For this objective, you have two worthy options: you can write content yourself or you can get it somewhere else. Writing content for your website by yourself will showcase your expertise in the industry or your research skills. But if that’s not something you want to do, you can outsource the task to people who will dedicate time to research and write credible content for your site, or you can publish someone else’s content for there are websites that actually allow that.

Finding Content with the Help of the Market Samurai Find Content Module

Writing your own content is definitely the more economical option and this won’t be a problem for you if you’re quite knowledgeable about your niche; you can write reviews, blog posts, and even articles that readers will find useful. But if you’re not and you do not necessarily want to outsource the written content requirements of your sit, finding content is easy through Market Samurai. You can find ones that you can copy and use for your site or just find content to base your own articles on that can effectively target selected keywords.


The Find Content module is likely to be all the help that you need. This module will allow you to accomplish two things: firstly, you can choose what kind of material you wish to see. Say, if you only want news items specific to your keyword, those are all you will find – you get more “customised” results. Secondly, the module enables you to compare and contrast the relative popularity or authority of the content provision you find, which can help you decide which references to work with for the content you wish to write yourself or use for your website.

How to Use the Find Content Module

1.      You would need to know the keyword that you wish to use before heading to the Find Content module of Market Samurai (Click here to learn how to avoid choosing the wrong keywords). Once you’ve clicked this option, you will be presented several formats for content and you can choose from the selection.



2.      Click the content type of your choice.


3.      Once you see the Find Content button, click it.


4.      You will see all the results of your search and you can click the Analyze button to get the statistics of each item. For a wider analysis, opt for the Analyze All button. For these, you will see the viewing data, phrase count, index count, page rank, backlinks and the age of the article.


5.      You can choose to view the whole article by clicking the title which will create a context window.


6.      From the context window, you can choose to copy the text or save it onto your computer.


Your next step now is to go ahead and buy Market Samurai to start generating relevant and unique online content for your website.

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