High Traffic Keywords – Getting the Right Key Phrases!

Finding the right keyword is essential to the success of an online marketing campaign. In finding keywords to use, there are Four Golden Rules, namely: relevance, traffic, competition and commerciality.

This tutorial focuses on finding high traffic keywords. For the purpose of illustration, the keyword “dog training” will be used.


Not all keywords are equal. Some keywords generate more traffic than others. The problem is that over 90% of the keywords used by businesses in their campaigns generate little traffic. Through Market Samurai, you can easily choose keywords that actually generate a massive amount of traffic.
Using Market Samurai, input “dog training,” generate an initial list of keywords, and click on the “Keyword Analysis” button. To focus on organic traffic data, check on the boxes beside and below it and uncheck the other options. After doing this, you will see on the right side of the panel the four columns related to organic data.
This first column contains the average number of users who search for “dog training” using a particular key phrase. You can toggle the view by setting the dropdown option period to daily, weekly or monthly. You can also sort the data that is presented from highest to lowest (or vice versa) to help you have a clearer picture of the data.
The second column contains data about SEO Traffic. But what is SEO Traffic or SEOT? SEOT is basically the maximum potential number of visitors the number one-ranked website for a particular keyword can generate.



The third column contains the information about Phrase to Broad Match Ratio or PBR. Market Samurai uses this tool to help eliminate misleading keywords. The percentages in this column indicate which keywords are actually being used by searchers in Google.


The final column, Trends, is simply a graphic representation of the performance of a particular keyword on a monthly basis. You can expand this graph by clicking on it.


In order to determine which keywords can generate a large amount of traffic, the first step would be to set a traffic filter. Click on the plus sign next to the SEOT box and then enter a minimum value. The value of 50 is the optimal number to input as this is enough to eliminate keywords that cannot generate at least 50 website visitors. Next, set the value next to the PBR box to 15%. From there, a list of effective keywords will be generated.



Start identifying high traffic keywords by implementing this unique tool in your business. Get Market Samurai today!

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