Give More, Get More With The Long-form Lead Generation Page From LeadPages

Have you ever found yourself limited by space and design that you just could not write what you need to write on your opt-in page? Sometimes, short and sweet isn’t going to cut it when critical information has to be put in — especially if you’re trying to get more businesses to take a look at your site or sign up for anything you’re offering. When you can’t find the space, do you just send out your opt-in page, pray to the Internet gods and hope that whoever’s looking at it will get it, despite the lack of information?


Long Live Long-form!
There’s no need to leave everything to chance when it comes to generating more leads and getting more opt-ins for your online venture. LeadPages, widely recognized landing page generator, has just come up with a long-form lead generation page. Much like all of the brand’s landing pages, the long-form lead generation page is customizable, mobile responsive, and doesn’t require technical skill to do if you have a LeadPages account.


You can download the newfangled marketing page but you will have to hire a coder (or be one) in order to make the template work. If you’ve already got a LeadPages account, you can just log in and start customizing the new page according to your needs. Now, the long-form lead generation page is ideal for anyone selling to the B2B market; it’s also perfect if you’re looking to rank for a key phrase in Google; you can also use the long-form page for campaigns or promotions that need more explanation than the average opt-in page can offer.


The Gorgeous Lead Gen
There are several reasons for page abandonment: maybe the visitor doesn’t want to fill in too many fields or maybe the visitor just doesn’t see the benefit — as in what’s in it for him if he presses “send?” For the most part, businesses get a high bounce rate for their opt-in pages when it’s not compelling enough. The long-form lead generation page makes it easier for you to provide enough copy or share content (i.e., nothing too wordy) that invites conversions.


But the newest LeadPages opt-in page isn’t just packed with powerful features. With a Web 3.0 look, it’s real easy on the eyes as well. This new opt-in page is so nice, in fact, that it’s bound to get attention. So if you’re looking to get membership for your new organization, invite more people to your seminar, entice professionals to your training programs, and whatever else you’re offering, you’re going to want to use the long-form lead generation page from LeadPages. Look it up. Get it. Use it now.


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