Get More Data Out Of Your Paypal Transactions – Putler Business Analytics Review

Putler Business AnalyticsYour sales can tell you a lot more things about your business than just the amount of money you earn on a regular basis.

For most of us who have businesses operating online, Paypal is one of the best and most reliable payment options that we can use. It’s convenient and transactions you settle through it are secured. It’s so popular and dependable that most businesses you’d encounter today use it to transfer funds and pay for almost everything. However, this alone could not give you more insight on what your monthly sales actually mean for you and your business.


Business Analytics for Paypal
Putler Business Analytics is a handy application that enables you to manage your Paypal transactions and reveal important insights you need to identify key products and sales that drive income into your business.
This tool provides you with useful info on which products bring in more money and which ones are falling behind. It helps you get a quick view of your customer list and helps you compare the returns coming from every single one. You also get a summary of the analytics of key performance indicators. It can also show you predictions of future monthly sales for a better idea of your current situation and help you plan for changes or identify problems that you may have encountered in the previous months.


Putler works really well with Paypal because it can help you sync with different accounts and even give you a downloadable copy of all the data you need. You could also set filters for the type of data you want to see and switch to any type of currency that you prefer.


By identifying crucial revenue indicators, managing all your sales data and adapting to future changes with sales comparisons, this application is truly a very powerful tool for your business. If you think this app is for you, get your Putler Business Analytics here.


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