Genesis Framework: Your WordPress Theme Maker

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Here ere are the top 6 reasons why everybody loves Genesis


1. Easy switching of designs and templates. If you are backing out from the idea of switching designs because of the hard work you have to labor, with Genesis, not anymore. Using child themes, you get to change designs without any fuss. Simply click and select.


2. Functional widgets now available. Through Genesis, you add spice and flavor to your site. You can get featured pages and posts, latest tweets, user profile, user and updates widget on your webpage.


3. A click away to control your site. By simply clicking, you can change the way your navigation bar works, instantly display breadcrumbs, choose to receive notification, content archives, how your blog page will be displayed and add scripts with ease.


4. Promotes SEO. Genesis has built-in SEO features that can take care of your SEO needs including the importing or the exporting of your settings should you need to.


5. Upgrade with no hassle. With ease, you can upgrade to the latest version of Genesis.


6. More plugins. There are also other plugins to best customize your site. There’s the plugin for simple edits, simple hooks, simple sidebars, and simple menus.


These features of the Genesis Framework will definitely make designing site the easiest job you ever have to face. Enjoy the benefits most bloggers have already enjoyed through this WordPress’ theme maker. Purchase through this link and get yourself a bonus.

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