Gadget Update: Using Your iPhone For Online Video Marketing

Apple’s revolutionary line of iPhones has changed the mobile communication landscape in more ways than one.  Did you know that you — and every other iPhone user on the planet — can actually create engaging, high-quality business videos that effectively communicate with your potential customers?

iPhone Video Hero will reveal how to use your iPhone for online video marketing.

What is the iPhone Video Hero?

IPhone Video Hero is a training course developed by former MTV and BBC TV director Jules Watkins. Recognizing the potential capability of the Apple gadget to create professional-looking videos, Watkins proceeded to create a course that would effectively teach you how to capture clear videos with crisp sound quality, suggest the best apps and tutorials to use, and show you how to choose and apply stunning video effects.

How does the course help improve your online marketing strategy?

IPhone Video Hero empowers you to create stunning, well-composed videos that will properly present your brand, your identity, and your offerings to Web users who visit your website. On the technical side, the course will teach you how to keep the iPhone steady if you’re filming yourself, how to set up the lighting, and how to tweak the device to capture better audio, among others. Watkins will also guide you towards the best video apps available in the App Store today.

What’s more, iPhone Video Hero will teach you to market your videos as well. You’ll discover ways to make a video advertisement that clients will pay an expert to create. The course will teach you to film small physical products up close in a manner that would entice customers to hit the “Buy” button. Effective social media video marketing techniques and methods for filming attention-grabbing customer testimonials are also essential topics included in the course.

Get your video marketing strategy started

According to Cisco, by 2013, all forms of video will account for almost 90% of the total consumer traffic on the Internet. Get iPhone Video Hero bonus here

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