Enrich Your Web Pages With Features And Functionality From OptimizePress 2.0’s New Element Library

It’s been three years since the introduction of OptimizePress, the WordPress plugin developed by James Dyson to help online marketers achieve more conversions from their websites. The WordPress theme enabled site owners to create highly optimized squeeze pages, sales letters, product offers, and much more — in just a few short minutes, and without coding expertise or even a basic working knowledge of programming.


And while OptimizePress has had great success in helping businesses everywhere reach their conversion goals, Dyson and his team have proceeded to introduce the exciting new features in store for online marketers with the arrival of OptimizePress 2.0.


In addition to the brand new and revolutionary LiveEditor system which enables users to create highly attractive and effective marketing pages, OptimizePress has another useful weapon in its Web marketing and design arsenal: the new Element Browser library.


The Element Library gives people access to a wide range of features that they can integrate into their website for greater user-friendliness, more specialized landing page functions, and an overall more enriching visitor experience.


Here are a few examples of the elements you can add to your conversion page using the OptimizePress 2.0 Element Browser library (there are over 250 built-in elements to choose from in all):




To direct your users to perform a new action or visit a different part of the site, choose a pre-designed button to affix onto your page (or use a custom button creator for making unique CSS buttons).


Feature Boxes


Introduce new features to your page with the help of icons that you can pick from a huge selection.


Audio and Video Players


Diversify the content on your page; instead of putting pure blocks of text, insert your own audio files or use a video from YouTube or another video sharing source.


Headline Style


Pique your visitors’ curiosity by using different styles for each headline. Underlines and backgrounds with shading can do much to draw attention to your text.


Opt-in Boxes


Take every opportunity to motivate Web visitors to sign up for emails or make a purchase with prominent opt-in boxes on the right spots.


Delay Content

Enable specific elements on your page to appear only at the specific time you set for greater impact.




Put navigation sidebars on strategic areas of the page for easier movement across the site. You can also pull menus straight from WordPress.


With many more elements such as Content Toggle, FB Comments, Guarantees, Images, Bullet Blocks, and Arrows, your Web page can be sufficiently fitted with the correct elements that will work best with your target audience and inspire them to explore your website — and your business’s offerings — more. Click here to learn more about the new capabilities of OptimizePress 2.0.

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