Design Your WordPress Sites With Genesis Theme Framework

Regardless of whether you already have an experience in online marketing or not, there’s one thing that you will always come across, web designing.


A lot of bloggers are not that skilled in this aspect, which makes them want to skip the part and hire an expert designer instead.  Some of the bloggers however would prefer to bite the bullet and do it themselves since they are saving up the budget for something else. Yes, it is an on-going dilemma for WordPress users.  Good news is, there’s a solution!

Genesis Theme Framework and Its Features

When Genesis Theme Framework was introduced to bloggers or internet marketers, especially WordPress users, it was a total relief for them.  This software helps users design their website with ease.   And here’s what it offers:


    >Easy navigation
    >Clean Layouts and Designs
    >Has over 40 child themes to choose from
    >Designs and templates can be switched or changed
    >Combines with Social Media Accounts
    >Designs that are consistent
    >Already optimized for search engines


All you have to do is select the theme that you want and you have your website design done.


Also, some themes have the featured posts widgets to keep your customers updated with your posts so keep that in mind if you are considering a certain theme.  Aside from featured posts, news and latest tweets can also be added.


You can make any changes on your navigation bar and decide how it works.  You can also be notified the minute you get a comment about your post or when someone has linked back to your site.


Most importantly, this comes with built-in SEO features as well.  This will be extremely helpful for online marketers.  So go ahead and check the rest of the features and try it out yourself.


To know more about the software, you may head over to this review.

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