Delivering Lead Magnets Are Now Possible With LeadPages™

 Hey, this is Jeff Weinberg from Leadpages. It’s been said that “Content is King” and we found this to be definitely true. What’s often unsaid is that giving away free content is the fastest and easiest way to grow your audience, email list and newsletter subscribers. However, this is often a pain in the butt.

For example, let’s say on one landing page you’re giving away a free mp3, on one landing page you’re giving away a free report and on another landing page you’re giving away a video. For each of these pages, typically you’d have to create a new list, create a new form for the list and then create a follow-up email that delivers the mp3, free report or the video. So, for each of these pages I just mentioned, you’d have to go through this process individually for each page. It can easily cause confusion and make for a lot of extra things to keep track of. But what if each of these pages sent everyone to the same email list and you didn’t have to set this up for every page where you wanted to give something different away like in our previous example. Now you can do this in LeadPages. You create a page, select what list people should be added to and tell LeadPages what bribe should be given away when someone opts-in on that page. Let me show you how to easily set this up inside of LeadPages… (Continue watching and learn more).


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