Creating Blog Comment Backlinks Using Market Samurai

Following all the recommended on-page optimization techniques but still not getting the results you want? You may need to boost your strategy by enhancing your link network with the help of Market Samurai tools.


SEO experts have always advised website owners to make their pages fully equipped with search engine-friendly elements. This includes posting high-quality articles, interesting images and compelling videos, and boosting these pieces of content with the right titles, tags and keywords. However, in order to achieve a significant and sustainable increase in search engine page rankings, you still need to complement all these techniques with an effective link network development program.


Using the promotion module in Market Samurai, you can utilize powerful ways to find the best opportunities for creating legitimate, valuable and beneficial links that point back to your website.

Creating Comment Backlinks

To leave a comment in a blog post, the usual process will need you to:

1.      Type in your comment in the field provided.

2.      Enter your name – you could add a title and include keywords, if appropriate.

3.      Enter your email address.

4.      Enter your website URL.

5.      Post your comment by clicking the “Submit” or “Post” button.


If other readers of the blog find your comments useful, interesting or intriguing, there will be more possibilities of them clicking your link and boosting the traffic to your site. To create legitimate backlinks, you can follow the steps below using the Market Samurai Promotion Module:

Strategy 1: Post Genuine Comments on Relevant Blogs

1.      Click the “Promotion” icon.


2.      Find blogs that may be relevant to your target keyword or keyphrase. Under the Blogs column, check the boxes for databases you want to search: Google Blog, WordPress Blog, and their edu/gov components. You can also check Follow Blog and Backlink Magic, which contain listings of sites that usually allow follow links.


3.      Click the “Find Backlinks” button. Market Samurai will now search blog databases to look for sites that may be related to your chosen keyword.


4.      To get a better overview of whether a particular site is relevant to you, click the “Analyze” button. Market Samurai will provide you significant information about that site, including its capability to support follow links and pingbacks,  its page rank and how many back links it has.


5.      Click the title of the blog – this will display the website in a new window so you can browse through and further study its contents.


6.      Look for a post or article that you think you can contribute to, and leave your comment and contact information.


7.      TIP: Take time to compose a comment that adds useful information or insight. Your goal is to try to bring value to the site, and not just comment for the sake of getting a link. Remember, a high quality comment receives the most attention from other blog readers.

8.      Click the exit button to close the window.

Watch out for the next tutorials showing you how to participate in relevant forums and finding the best Web 2.0 pages to post comments on.


If you’re looking for a complete tool that allows you to do relevant research, connect to reliable resources and create good quality content, then your best choice is to get Market Samurai.

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