Creating A Landing Page Through LeadPages

There are a lot of reasons why posting your landing pages on Facebook is a must.  However, there are three prominent reasons:


Increase in Opt-In Rate – Generally, when people aren’t familiar with your brand or website, it would be a good idea to post on Facebook since it is a popular social networking site. Facebook is where people from all over the world and all walks of life come together and share their common interests or are drawn to ‘like’ the same things. So, when people see your product regardless of its popularity, people will opt-in to your page.


Ads and Clicks are Cheaper – If you have had ads on your pages before, you will notice that Facebook charges lower as long as the traffic stays within the ecosystem of Facebook. So in effect, the ones buying Facebook ads as well as clicks may get them cheaper if the link they made to a page is just within Facebook.


Approval Rate of Ad is Better – When it come to an ad approval, Facebook sure does follow a certain standard. Oftentimes, it doesn’t accept ads that are related to wealth, relationships, and health. However, if the link points to a Facebook URL, instead of your domain’s link, then it is more likely to get approved.


There are many ways to come up with a landing page on Facebook. If you do have advanced knowledge in the technical aspect, you may follow these steps:
– Create a landing page of your own;
– Have it integrated with Mailchimp, AWeber or whatever; the purpose of this is to capture the email addresses;
– Get the landing page code;
– Use the ‘Statis HTML’ app that comes along with Facebook.


The steps that you are supposed to do to add a Facebook landing page requires coding, which is generally done by IT professionals. But if you happen to be a LeadPages customer and you don’t want to deal with any codes, what you need to do is to publish a Facebook landing page, and here’s how it works:
– After you create a landing page in LeadPages, save it;
– In the Publishing Options Section of the LeadPages, click, “I Want To Add This Page As A Tab On My Facebook Page”, then “Add To Facebook Page”;
– Select the Facebook page you want for the landing page and then choose “Add Page Tab”


Basically, it’s a matter of coming up with your landing page, which can be done in a few minutes. Let LeadPages take care of the integration with the service you are using in order to capture and collect the email addresses and finally publish it on Facebook with a click.


To know more about this, head over to our LeadPages review.

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