Case Study Details How A/B Testing Can Reveal The True Market Value Of A Product

How can you perform A/B testing to reveal the profitable potential of your product

Carl Juneau’s website, Six Pack Abs Exercises, provides informational videos and guides on how people can have can have well-defined abs.


The business decided to conduct the test on its page selling the abs workout to see how pricing can impact conversions. In the Control version, after clicking the “Add to Shopping Cart” button, visitors were instantly taken to the checkout page where the price for the workout was just $19.95. In the Variation version, on the other hand, the price was $10 higher at $29.95.


You would think that significantly more people bought the workout for the cheaper price, but that was not the case as revealed by the results. Out of the 1,227 visitors who saw the original cost at $19.95, 1.1% ended up buying; then out of the 1,375 visitors who saw the higher price, 1% bought the workout. These numbers clearly introduced an aspect of consumerism that is more advantageous and the business can capitalize on.


With Visual Website Optimizer’s split testing, the business was able to make 61.67% extra revenue from the Variation version of Control. Other comparisons also show that, indeed, the Variation outperforms Control in value determination; the way a business values its offering is not always a clear reflection of consumers’ value for the product.


The results presented solid ideas on why Variation emerged more advantageous despite the higher price. One is that buyers value the product higher than anticipated by the business, which is why the higher price did not even show a difference in the conversion rate. Another is that the buyers didn’t care about the prices and would have bought either way because of how relevant the product is to their need.


This case study only goes to show the efficacy of split testing in many aspects of business operations and it’s definitely worth trying for every enterprise that wants to improve its overall performance. For proper A/B testing, Visual Web Optimizer is the top choice. Start testing your site by getting Visual Website Optimizer here.

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