Brand New Webinar Registration Page Templates Outperform LeadPages’ Highest Converting Page

Online marketing strategies are continuously upgrading and the latest provisions outperform their top-performing predecessors. The highest converting page by LeadPages has been dethroned, but not by the efforts of a different company – seeing that there’s still a lot of room for improvement for their previous offering, LeadPages worked its magic and upcycled a great product thought up by a fierce ally and competition. They worked on the templates from the ground up to achieve more as far as conversion is concerned.


The new templates that can be used for webinar registration pages were designed by in-house designer Stella, and they are absolutely beautiful. But not only that, in a split test against the previous high-performing template created by James Schramko, there was an automatic difference with the results — with the new templates performing significantly better, of course. What was determined through the test was that pages with a high call to action, even when it’s in the header, outperform pages with low calls to action. Likewise, Gideon Shalwick’s lesson on pages with countdown timers outperforming pages without countdown timers proved to be true as well in increasing the effectiveness of the templates.


But of course, major props to James Schramko for coming up with a really good basic design for LeadPages to build upon; all the additional efforts to improve it were inspired because it was that effective.


OK, so now you have high calls to action and the countdown timer, but the improvement doesn’t end there. LeadPages also managed to turn the page into one that works with one or two hosts. On top of this, it also blurred out the mind map in the background, which is a good strategy because people can’t read it easily, hence their curiosity level goes up and they choose to opt in. Here’s more: LeadPages added the ability to have multiple bullet points and there’s also a call to action button at the bottom. You can disable (just) these elements, or if you’d like to turn everything off from a separator down to the bottom of the page, you may do so as well.



In a nutshell, comparing the previous with the new, what can beat the improved, fortified versions that also maintain the values that have made the previous offering great?


These new templates are super easy to customize and those who want to learn the process can follow the provided tutorial online. In just a matter of minutes, they can create webinar registration pages that secure unbeatable high conversions. Click here to get started immediately!

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