Boost Webinar Attendance, Use The Long-form Webinar Registration Page From LeadPages

Webinars are cool. They let you hold meetings, do seminars, or workshops — with people from different locations across the globe. You get to give and receive information, and you get to engage in lively discussions as though you were all in the same room. It’s the perfect tool for Web entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizations seeking to cut expenses without sacrificing on productivity.


Here’s the trouble with webinars that you have to sell (in other words, not required by any company you work for): getting people to register. How do you get more audience, more participants for your webinars? It all starts with how your webinar registration page looks and what it says.


Most webinar registration pages look uninspired and so uninteresting that they barely get anyone to look over the information. It doesn’t even matter if the webinar might actually change their entire lives, financially or romantically. If that life-changing webinar isn’t compelling enough to get a glance or a read-through, it’s not going to get anyone to sign up.


What you need is the new and gorgeous long-form webinar registration page from LeadPages. As the name implies, it’s fresh, appealing, and comes with enough features and space for you to sell your webinar to anyone. Not only that, this long-form page is responsive, much like all of the templates from LeadPages, so whether your audiences use mostly smartphones or tablets, they’ll be able to check out your new workshop or seminar and register.


According to LeadPages co-founder, Clay Collins, the long-form webinar registration page is perfect for the following things:


  • Webinar pages with your personal touch
  • Compelling yet brief sales letters for your audience
  • Handing out free content (e.g. e-books, videos, or reports)


Of course, do remember that long-form pages are not exactly the same as long-form journalism wherein you can just go on and on for thousands of words. The purpose of the latest creation from LeadPages is to give you the opportunity to convey what you need to convey in order to get as many people as you can to register for your webinars. You’ll be able to write longer copy so you can briefly touch on the important parts of your seminar or workshop. And you can customize or edit according to your preference; you can hide or activate elements on the page.


Finally, another extraordinary thing about the long-form webinar registration page from LeadPages is that you can do a split test with your existing webinar registration page to find out which one works best for your target audience.


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