Basic Tweaks to Speed Up Your Slow PC

As time passes, the brand new computer that you just recently bought or received as a gift will sooner or later. slow down. Well, don’t panic, because there are actually easy and basic tweaks that you can do with it. But just before you go on and start clamoring on how hard and complex tweaking your Slow PC can be, you need to know that even someone who has no technical know-how aand experience with computers would be able to handle these pretty basic computer speed tweaks. So, worrying too much will not really help you here.

You need to know first what’s causing your computer to slow down and the list below will give you an idea about that. Go through all of the items in the list and check to see if the culprits are among them. Though this list is among the easiest computer speed tweaks out there today, it is not the most extensive. Nevertheless, let us take a look at them one by one:

1. Do Defragmentation On Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting would really help restore order in your hard drives because as time passes, the data stored in your drives gets scattered in lots of different places, therefore making it difficult for your operating system to locate and access data. Do you know what this means? It means that all of your data will be put back in order by doing this operation and you won’t have to wait forever to open a particular program and the performance of your personal computer will improve.

2. Scan Your Hard Drives

Have you ever experienced trying to shut down your computer properly but it’s just not possible because it has crashed? Or maybe you have experienced a power outage while in the middle of using your PC? All of these things could definitely cause significant damage and problems to your stored files. Most operating systems (Windows for one)comes equipped with a special PC tool called scandisk which besides automatically locating your files, it also fixes much of the damage and therefore improving your PC’s as well.

3. Run A Virus Scan On Your Computer

Almost everybody knows how harmful a virus can be when it gets into your computer. So, detecting them, as well as cleaning them out, is definitely one of the best computer speed tweak alternatives out there. There are literally thousands of antivirus software on the internet, just pick whichever one you like, then download it and run it on your computer.

4. Scan for Adware and Spyware

An Adware is basically a software that displays unwanted advertisements on your computer. A Spyware on the other hand, is exactly as it’s name suggests, it acts like a spy for certain companies to monitor which websites you are frequently visiting. But that’s not the only thing they can do, they can also make your computer accessible to these companies. The reason why they do that isn’t actually clear. Nevertheless, both softwares, when inside your computer, use a huge amount of it’s resources thus slowing it down significantly. And so, detecting and removing these things from your computer would absolutely improve your system’s performance.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Programs From Your Computer

You may not feel like it’s a big thing, but removing programs that you no longer need will definitely boost your PC’s performance. Because doing this will free up disk space on your drives and thus speeding up your computer’s performance. You should properly uninstall those unnecessary programs because just deleting them will not be enough for you to see any improvement.

6. Adjust The Visual Effects On Your PC

Operating systems (such as Windows) provide a lot of fun effects that you can make use of, such as animated windows and fun fading menus, to name a couple. But actually, no matter how cool these effects may seem to you, it can cause your computer to slow down drastically. So, don’t use too much of them and if you can go on living without them, don’t use them at all.

7. Disable Programs On Start-up

Here is another excellent computer speed tweak. You simply disable start-up programs that you don’t really use or don’t need at all. Because they will constantly slow down your computer, aside from causing delay during startup, for these programs use up a sizable amount of your system resources.

It may not seem much doing the things listed above, but by doing those things would definitely boost the performance of your system. Try them yourself and see if they work for you.

Kris Mainieri is a Computer Tech Expert that focuses mainly on cutting-edge and exceptional methods to help anyone that want to take there computing experience to a whole new different level.

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