Backup Buddy Keeps Your WordPress Sites Safe

Backing up your site
When you’ve got tons of online content on your WordPress site, just copying every single one may seem like it would take a long time before you create a full backup, especially for sites with a huge memory base. Luckily, creating a full backup of “Gig’s” worth of documents, images, videos and audio files are now a piece of cake for WordPress users; thanks to Backup Buddy.


This powerful plugin allows you to create backups of your entire site in an instant. The files will be sent to your email or any affiliated cloud storage services.

backup buddy protection


Yes, setting a specific schedule for your backups is possible with Backup Buddy. You simply enter the time and date you want your monthly or weekly backup to happen and sit back and relax while you scurry along with other tasks you need to attend to.


You save time and money
As mentioned above, it’s easy – you don’t have to hire an expert web developer to use it or waste a lot of effort learning it yourself. You save more time and money just doing it yourself, creating your own backups. Plus, you won’t have to worry re-investing everything on lost content because everything is safe and sound somewhere in your cloud storage account or hard drive.


Get a Bonus!
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