Ask And You Shall Receive — LeadPages Announces Easy, New Template Selector

LeadPages revolutionized the way landing pages are created today. It makes it easy making opt-in pages, sales pages, launch pages, launching soon pages, thank you pages, and a host of other marketing pages that can grow any business on the Web.



And the world’s easiest and lightning fast landing page generator just got better, thanks in large part to the inquiries it has been receiving about what certain templates can actually do. In the past, customers of LeadPages would have to click the thumbnail version of the template in order to see what’s on it and what it can do. So LeadPages overhauled its template selector in order to make it more user-friendly.


The major facelift lets LeadPages customers see templates better. For starters, the top part of the page showcases templates as customers view each one through sliding navigation. This section allows users to decide which templates to use without having to click templates each time. When the preferred template is found, users can simply click on Use This Template.


Meanwhile, the lower portion of the page features individual templates in bigger thumbnail versions. When users hover over the thumbnail, the Use This Template appears. Each thumbnail will also come with information on whether the template supports multiple form fields.



Another change introduced to the template selector is the template category section on the left part of the page. So if you’re looking for a specific template, like an upsell page or a webinar page, you can simply click your desired category and be led to designs that correspond to the template you need.


Just because these major changes were made, doesn’t mean LeadPages has forgotten features that work for the template selector. You can still arrange the templates according to their conversion rates. In addition, the team at LeadPages shares that new templates will come with a note stating that they might not have enough data on the average conversion rate so you’re well informed about every template.


Finally, the overall design of the LeadPages member area has gotten a Web 3.0 flat design, from the banner to the account selector. These changes and improvements are in keeping with LeadPages’s commitment to its look, feel, and usability. And you’re invited to check it out and see for yourself.


To check out this updated feature, get LeadPages through this link.

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