Affordable GotoWebinar Pricing Makes It A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

GotoWebinar is the most convenient and effective online seminar tool available today. It’s so simple to set up and very easy to use. Organizers just have to follow a short step-by-step process online and start their meetings in just a matter of minutes.


Connecting for attendees is very easy because all they have to do is download a link to the ongoing session or follow the link in the automated email invitations. As the organizer, you could also see an attendee list ranking based on interest levels to gauge which topics your guests may find more engaging. Plus, you could also record your meetings for reference and future use.


 At a very affordable price, you get to enjoy all the great features of GotoWebinar to accommodate all your seminar needs. If you want to try it out, you could checkout the 30 day free trial that includes unlimited service use within that time period, 100 max attendees per seminar, connect through telephone or mic and speakers, round-the-clock customer support and free training.


Aside from making your online meetings more effective, GotoWebinar is also a very useful marketing tool for your business.


Extend your reach

Because of its accessibility, you may target a really wide audience within your chosen market. Prospective clients may enjoy the same convenience that you have, plus you could have credible guests as speakers to help you connect to more people more effectively.


Simplified communication

Aside from improving the way you communicate with employees within your business, you also have the opportunity to talk to your clients and customers within your market without the need for actual meetings and group seminars. It’s direct, fast, easy and reliable; and it’s even much better than chat or email because you communicate in a more interactive and responsive way.



Improving your business also requires additional training for you and your employees. Since Gotowebinar has streamlined your communication, it’s much easier to organize training and discussions within the company. And since it could support a really huge number of people per webinar, you could start endorsing new projections and send updates without disrupting major company processes or leaving your office. The video recording feature also helps you record your meetings to serve as training guidelines and resources.



GotoWebinar allows you to collaborate with your managers and other employees by sharing mouse and keyboard control. You could also include others as organizers to share meeting controls to let different individuals handle specific groups for a more structured conference.


It’s affordable and reliable. So if you want to improve the way you communicate and connect to the people inside and outside your business, this tool is definitely for you. Use GotoWebinar today.

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