Accurately Measure The Impact Of Website Tweaks With VWO

Open Mile wanted to know if tweaking their landing page would bring in the results they wanted. This meant revamping their masthead along with incorporating a few minor changes.

For their A/B test using Visual Website Optimizer, they increased the size of their masthead, making sure it was both visible and legible.


In the original configuration of the page they wanted to tweak, the copy was unclear and did not drive home the message Open Mile was selling which, in turn, meant lost leads. In the reconfigured page, Open Mile made sure that their message was delivered in a clear and concise manner, leaving no room for ambiguity and confusion.


In the original configuration of the page, Open Mile used an image they thought would complement their copy. In the reconfigured version, Open Mile removed the image so that the customers can focus more on a call to action that was more prominent. This meant removing distractions that steer the customer’s attention away from what is important — the benefits of using Open Mile.


Other changes incorporated in the revamped page included using the color red for the buttons and rewriting the copy for the button text.


And the results? The variant page made such a huge impact that Open Mile saw a 232% increase in their lead generation rate.


Open Mile’s case shows that a unique idea is not enough to propel a company to success. Between that unique idea and relaying it to the target customers, there is something that got lost, as presented by the marginal lead generation rate of the original configuration of its website. If you feel that your own website is not performing optimally, it’s time to make some changes using a powerful tool like Visual Website Optimizer to help you measure the results precisely.

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