A Hassle-Free Way To Organize Meetings?

Things you can do with GotoWebinar.

Online Meetings At Any Place, At Any Time

Wherever you are in this planet, at any given day, all you need is a computer with an internet connection to attend a meeting.  Because of this flexible set-up, you no longer have to go out of your way to cut a vacation short or take the next flight out to physically attend a meeting.

 Suits most industries

Whether you are in business or education, you can use webinars that benefits your goal.  For businesses, they can do a sales presentation to their prospects.  Institutions can reach more students with online course offerings effectively.

Are you a training professional?

You can conduct seminars, workshops and training to a worldwide audience. GotoWebinar has features that makes it fast and easy to manage.

  • you can share your screen when you present online.
  • you can  interact with your audience like in a traditional meeting. They can virtually raise their hands to ask or clarify something just like in real meetings.
  • you can also send invites so when you get to the actual meeting, you already have everybody on the line.
  • you can ask for feedback by its polls or surveys that webinar can send for you.

Experience how a web conferencing software makes it more efficient in organizing meetings from here on. You would see it as a stress-free way to communicate with people in the business.

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