Installing the Scarcity Samurai WordPress Plugin in Six Simple Steps

Scarcity Samurai is a breakthrough solution created by Noble Samurai, the software development team behind the highly popular Market Samurai product (which has sold 72,000 copies and comes in a free version owned by hundreds of thousands of online marketers across the globe).


The Scarcity Samurai plugin effectively makes use of scarcity marketing — a practice that involves motivating consumers to purchase a product or sign up for a service by informing them that there is a limited supply and limited time in which it is available — to help businesses generate increased sales. By infusing this sense of urgency into your one-time and evergreen (or ongoing) campaigns, you can generate profits 24/7 — completely on autopilot.


If your business is built on a WordPress platform, then get ready to revolutionize your processes today; Scarcity Samurai is designed for WordPress installations and is specifically geared to help skyrocket your conversions by up to 80%, multiply your sales by up to 450%, and boost your list building capacity by up to 40%.


Eager to get started? Installing Scarcity Samurai using the upload method in the WordPress Admin Panel is simple and can be done in six simple steps:


1. Click the link in the email that Noble Samurai sends you after your purchase. This will take you to your personal Download page where you’ll find a download link for Scarcity Samurai.

2. Click the link and the plugin will begin downloading to your computer. The Scarcity Samurai zip file will end up in the Downloads folder in most computers. (Tip: There’s no need to unzip the file as WordPress will accept the zipped file).



3. Log into your WordPress Dashboard and click the Plugins button on the sidebar. Then, click the “Add New” link and you will be directed to a page that has “Install Plugins” indicated at the top.

4. Click the “Upload” link just below the top of the page, then click the “Choose File” button to bring up the File Selection dialog box. Navigate to your Downloads folder, select the Scarcity Samurai package (which will have the name “Scarcity Samurai,” then a version number, then .zip), and click OK.

5. Click “Install Now.” You should then see a message letting you know that the plugin has been installed successfully.


6. Finally, activate the plugin by clicking the “Activate Plugin” link. Scarcity Samurai will now appear in the Plugins link as well as in the sidebar menu.


And you’re done! Noble Samurai will send you periodic updates for the plugin; you will find notifications for these updates on the Plugins link on the sidebar. Clicking the “Update Now” button will enable the software to update automatically. Your current settings and campaigns should not be disrupted by this update.



If any technical issues arise while you are activating the Scarcity Samurai plugin, it may mean that your host site is running a previous version of PHP. Version 5.3 of PHP is required for Scarcity Samurai to run. Noble Samurai’s Support team is ready to help you switch to the 5.3 version if necessary or assist you with any other issues that may come up.


Scarcity Samurai can also be installed using an FTP Manager or your Hosting Control Panel. For more information, read the full Scarcity Samurai review here and claim a special bonus when you purchase the plugin from this site.