What Makes The “Perfect Squeeze Page” Effective — A Look At LeadPages’ Improved Layout

The Perfect Squeeze Page is the potential competitor to James Schramko’s webinars as the leading opt-in page in LeadPages. Made by Justin Brooke of IAmScalable.com, its design has been tested and optimized continuously to convert traffic into more sales and leads.

The template works fantastic, owing to its simple model and understanding of the psychology of its target market.
Web 3.0 look
The LeadPages team took a leaf out of Justin’s design and gave it a Web 3.0 look to further provide more style and flair, and easy customization.
The improved version incorporates all the elements of the Perfect Squeeze Page. The layout includes:
· A business logo to emphasize the brand
· Status indicators, which provide social proof (Fox, CNBC, CBS, etc.)
· An eye-catching headline that boasts of a big “reveal”
· The image of the product being marketed
· The first opt-in button, underneath the image
· A subhead, which supports the headline
· Bullets of intriguing information that is in line with the subhead
· A second opt-in button, which directs to another page
two-step opt in
The last element is a LeadPages modification and makes use of a two-step opt-in that is found to increase conversions by at least 30%. The business logo and status indicators sit beside each other, right on top of the squeeze page. This ensures your brand’s credibility and association to other popular companies.
The big reveal is the main thing that piques the curiosity of would-be customers. Nothing works better than putting in a hint of mystery to a marketing strategy. The fact that it will be given for free only marks up its value. The subhead and the bullets just make the squeeze page harder to resist.
Another add-on to the original design is a feature to collect multiple form feeds and add images through LeadBoxes. Everything in this perfect squeeze program is customizable and easy to do with just a click of a button. Publishing to platforms such as Facebook or WordPress is also integrated into the app, including options with the autoresponder and the email service provider for the opt-in form integration.
If you do not have skills in Web development, this would be a good investment as hiring a developer can cost somewhere north of $300.
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Don’t have The Perfect Squeeze Page template yet? Visit LeadPages now to integrate it on your website.

Benefit From The Squeeze And Sell Technique By Using The Giveaway Two Steps Squeeze Page Of LeadPages

If you’re hoping to create a profitable list, one of the best techniques to try is the “squeeze and sell,” and LeadPages has devised an effective way of applying this technique in all of the opt-in-pages they offer.




Businesses can quickly harness the benefits of the technique by using a page template that functions as both an opt-in and sales page.


This page called the Giveaway Two Steps Squeeze Page streamlines the process for the business and secures the important objective of growing their list whether customers go on with a purchase or not. What happens is when customers come to the page and decide to take up the offer presented, they need to get to the cart page — and they would have to opt in first. Once done with opting in, they can then proceed to making their final decision of purchasing or not purchasing – either way, the business gets the customer’s email addresses.




The other benefits derived from this provision (apart from a streamlined, easy process) are:




· The instant separation of buyers from non-buyers. It becomes easier to determine which people on the list will truly make a difference in the profitability objectives of the business. Finding out who these people are is crucial because the business can immediately start connecting with them and catering to their needs much better, and establish a good relationship.




· The page will help in getting the target audience to behave favorably toward the business. By easily presenting an offer that provides them more value for their money, trust is fostered. Therefore, in the future, it will become so much easier to sell them more expensive items because the business already established the “right” relationship and culture.




· The page leverages price curiosity. The moment customers click on the button and they can immediately see the price, they will be encouraged to opt in because they will automatically know if they can afford the offering or not — and most of the time, they can. According to LeadPages, this can oftentimes create higher engagement rates than just giving something away on a regular opt-in page.


For a detailed process on how to use this particular page template, visit LeadPages for a demo or a step-by-step guide.

Double Your Webinar Registrants With This LeadPages Template

Just how special are the people who opt-in for your special offers? To answer that, you need to look at the whole process these people have undergone up until opting in.


After you’ve built your business website, it’s most likely that you’ve spent time, money and effort to drive traffic to your site, perhaps through search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, or a combination of two or three of these. That’s just the way the game is played.


Now, when a prospective customer is driven to your website, another important hurdle must be faced – making the customer stay and browse the content of your website. It’s one thing to motivate a customer to go to your website and it’s an entirely different thing to make him stay a bit longer. The sad truth is that about 70 percent of Web users leave a website without even fully discovering what it offers.


If you have an opt-in offer, only about 2 percent of the actual people who visited your website will take advantage of what you offer. That’s how special these customers are.


And what do you do after a customer opts in? It’s quite typical that a customer will be redirected to a thank you page which informs him or her about the delivery of the product he or she has opted in for.


Indeed, businesses should be grateful to these customers. But why stop there?


Any savvy business owner recognizes a pattern here: the pattern of saying “yes” to you.


This is evident in the customer’s decision to go to your website, to stay and consume your content, and to opt into your offer. Isn’t it logical to push things further? Why break that pattern when everything is working to your advantage?


Recognizing this unique position, the LeadPages team has developed a template that doubles as a thank you and webinar registration page. This allows you to strike while the proverbial iron is hot.


If you are currently subscribed to LeadPages, this template is readily available for download and can be used immediately. Just like other templates, this thank you webinar page can be customized, including the copy and images used. By taking advantage of this template, you can double your number of webinar registrants.



On the other hand, if you are not a LeadPages customer, you can still get the template for free.


One caveat, though: You may need the service of a coder to tweak and publish the page for you which can set you back by about $300.


Get LeadPages using THIS LINK

How To Boost Webinar Attendance Using A Video Webinar Registration Page By LeadPages

Webinars are essential tools for providing exceptional value to your customers. They are great for providing useful information and encouraging your target audience to engage in conversation, and are helpful in letting people take a sneak peek at what you have to offer.


Getting people to opt into your webinar is the primary goal, and to complement this, the LeadPages team devised a simple yet highly effective extra step to motivate your audience to actually attend the webinar they signed up for — putting a video on your webinar registration thank you page.


You may be unsure of what to put in this video, but there’s no need to worry. LeadPages has created a general video that will work with any kind of webinar you are hosting because it simply lets viewers know what to do next after opting into a webinar.

The contents of the video will be something like this:

“Congratulations for opting into this webinar! We (the organizers) guarantee that the information you receive from this webinar will be of great value to you and your business, and that it will be well worth your time.

Here are the next four things you can do now.

1. Print This Page
Click the “Click to print this page” link at the upper right corner. The insights you learn from the video are so valuable, and printing the page will let you get a copy of all the important points that you can then stick to your refrigerator door, pin to your corkboards, or affix anywhere it can be easily seen for better recall.


2. Share on Social Media
Like the webinar on Facebook, tweet about it, and post it on Google+. This will let other people know about the webinar. Because it’s free, this is a nice little way to pay us back — by sharing the information for other people to discover.


3. Add to Your Calendar
With just one click, you can add this webinar to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCalendar so that you’re sure to be reminded of it.


4. Download the Workbook
You’ll want to download the workbook we prepared for this very purpose. Have it open and ready for taking notes as the webinar goes on so you won’t miss a thing. You can download it now so you can go through it and get an idea of the topics to be discussed during the webinar.”


If you’re a LeadPages user and you want to use this video, here’s what you need to do:

· Inside LeadPages, when you’re customizing your webinar registration thank you page, click on the video.

· Copy it, go to the URL, get the embed code under the video, and paste it in the video box.

· Finish customizing the page and then save it. When you publish, the video will be live on your page.


If you want to download the video and modify it to work with another webinar registration page, you can download the video as a Screenflow file and as a high-quality MP4 file that you can post anywhere. If you have a LeadPages account (if you don’t and plan to create one), you may click HERE.

Ontraport Announces Rollout Of Major Overhaul

After much eager anticipation, Ontraport has finally rolled out an upgrade. This massive overhaul offers current users a long list of benefits and nifty features to enjoy. These include a complete revamp of the interface, improved workflow, modified task outcome management, improved order forms (including tax and shipping management), improved message management, the introduction of built-in two-way SMS marketing, introduction of new lead source and ROI tracking features, and the addition of a new reporting dashboard.


Apart from these, Ontraport has also announced that they are using new hardware placed at a co-located data center which promises improved speed, security and scalability for their users.


Ontraport acknowledged that many of its clients rely heavily on the platform it offers. And in light of these massive changes and improvements, it assured that the necessary measures have been taken to ensure a seamless transition. It is for this reason that the new features will be initially released to new subscribers. The rationale behind this is that system issues are easier to pinpoint during initial account setup and not when a business has become totally reliant on the platform.


Ontraport has assured current users that once all kinks have been ironed and all hiccups have been fixed, current users can have a taste of these nifty new features come the end of March. Current users who want to be included in the waitlist for migration are advised to log on to their account and to click on the “Add me to waitlist” button that can be found on the left column of the current interface.


Along with this major announcement, Ontraport has also announced a referral contest to allow these massive changes to gain traction among more businesses. Winners of the contest can expect prizes and double commissions. Apart from these, users who join the contest will be able to give their referrals a special offer which will only be available from the referrer.


Indeed, with these slew of innovations and improvements, Ontraport users can put their businesses on autopilot, allowing them to perform key tasks from marketing to creating membership sites to customer support.


Curious to see what theses changes mean to old and new customers? Just click here.

How To Customize The Social Proof Opt-in Page In LeadPages

As far as lead pages go, LeadPages’ is definitely equipped with all the most attractive and effective solutions. Knowing how important creating beautiful lead pages are in generating traffic and securing conversions, LeadPages always makes sure that its templates are easy to customize according to the requirements of its clients. One great proof is this gorgeous lead generation page that will allow businesses to show social proof to establish credibility and capitalize on most consumers’ herd mentality. Showing social proof in split tests has been revealed to increase conversions by over a hundred percent.


However, this can be tricky — the last thing you want is to appear like you’re bragging, which can actually turn potential customers away. With the right lead generation page, that problem can easily be taken care of.


To secure all the benefits of strategic placement and presentation of social proof to get opt-ins, here is the process of using the social proof opt-in page in LeadPages.


· Just like with all pages in LeadPages, all you have to do is click on an element to start editing. Start off with the header image; go to the style settings and change all the elements that you want, and then change the headline and the subhead so that they reflect what you’re giving away.


· Proceed to update the bullet points under the subhead, add your text, and click OK.


· Head to the testimonials section and if you wish to hide it; you can do so by clicking Hide. However, since testimonials serve as social proof, you’re likely not to do that. Instead, update the testimonials by adding your text and then choosing the image to use. The cool thing about adding pictures or images is you don’t need to upload a round image – meaning you don’t need to edit the image yourself using a different program so it can be uploaded; LeadPages will make it round for you.


· Select an email provider you wish to integrate with, and indicate which list to add people to. This page you’re creating then can serve as a Webinar registration page as well as a Facebook registration page – just click the appropriate options in the setting.


· Turn on the option to send out the conversion encyclopedia after somebody opts in, and then select the file from the drop down menu.


· Once you’re done customizing this page, name it and save the page.


· The page will go live after you’ve saved it, and then you can proceed to hit Publish. You will be provided a URL that you can immediately view on the Internet. You can choose to publish the page on WordPress, add it to Facebook as a tab, or you can download the file and put it on your own server, and you’re done.


Add social proof to your brand promotion by checking out this template inside LeadPages – CLICK HERE.