The Quickest Way to Install OptimizePress Theme Through WordPress

OptimizePress has helped thousands of businesses and individuals create no-fuss, no-muss marketing pages that increase and monetize their audiences. From sales pages that offer products and services to landing pages that deliver unique digital content, millions of dollars have been generated through OptimizePress. The highly successful page building platform comes in themes and plugin versions you can use to produce the same sort of lucrative success others have discovered.


The OptimizePress Theme offers two easy-to-do systems: the blog system, where you can create pages and posts, and the Pagebuilder/LiveEditor system, which is designed for generating custom conversion pages for marketing and sales sites, membership sites, and landing pages. Meanwhile, OptimizePress as a plugin allows you to switch between the blog system and the LiveEditor system.


If you’re looking for the quickest way to install the platform as a theme, here’s how to do it via the WordPress administration area:


· Download the OptimizePress themes zip file from the OptimizePress member’s area.
· To check for the maximum upload file size, go to the left hand column, click Media and choose Add New from the drop down menu. You need to check the upload file size because the OptimizePress zip file is huge and your hosting company might have a cap on the file size you’re allowed to download through WordPress. If your maximum cap on the file size upload is 30MB and below, OptimizePress recommends you check with their Quickstart Guide on how you can modify your WPconfig.PHP file. If it’s 60MB and above, you’re safe to upload.

· Look through the left hand column once again, click Appearance, and choose Themes from the drop down menu.

· Above the page, click Install Themes.

· Click Upload, and browse through your files for the OptimizePress Themes zip file you downloaded early on. Once you’ve found the file, click the Install Now button. Be patient and wait a few minutes, and the file will install.

· Once it is installed, click Activate.

· Enter your API Key or one of your API Keys, and then click the Save Settings button, and you’re good to go.


Install the OptimizePress theme or plugin by getting it HERE.

How To Install OptimizePress Plugin Via WordPress

OptimizePress can be installed via FTP or directly through WordPress. Many prefer to install the plugin directly on WordPress because it is quicker and more convenient. However, do take note that some hosting companies put a cap on the file size that can be uploaded to websites through WordPress. In such cases, the OptimizePress support theme can work around this limit on file uploads. All you have to do is to provide them with your website’s URL, FTP details and your logins for your WordPress site.


Here’s how you can install the plugin via WordPress.


The first thing you need to do is login to your WP admin dashboard. Once you have logged in, click on the Media button found on the left side of the screen and then click on Add New. You will then be redirected to the Upload New Media page. Notice the Maximum upload file size found at the bottom of the page. If the maximum allowable file size is below 30 MB, you may need to reconfigure your WP Config file or simply enlist the help of the OptimizePress support team. However, if the allowable file size exceeds 30 MB, you may proceed with the uploading of the plugin.



Again, on the left hand side of the screen, click on Plugins and then click on Add New. You will then be redirected to another page. On the upper left portion of the screen under the Install Plugins title, click on Upload. Then, click on the Choose File button. A window containing your downloaded files will then appear. Choose the OptimizePress plugin zip file and click Open.




Once you have selected the OptimizePress zip file, click the Install Now button. Due to the plugin’s file size as well as your Internet connection speed, installation may take a few minutes.


After the installation has finished, click on the Activate Plugin link. You will then see that OptimizePress has become listed under your plugins list. The OptimizePress tab also appears on the left side column.



Click on the OptimizePress tab. You will then be asked to enter your API key. Enter your details and then click Save Settings.


For more details on OptimizePress, click HERE.

Which Themes And Plugins Are Incompatible With OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is a handy solution for creating high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership portals. But while this system is designed to integrate seamlessly with different tools and platforms (such as AWeber, Infusionsoft, OfficeAutopilot, MailChimp, iContact and more), there are also a number of themes and plugins that have been found to be incompatible with OptimizePress.


The OptimizePress support team is continually on the lookout for applications that may have conflicts with the software so that compatibility may be improved in the future.


For your reference, provided below is the list of themes and plugins with known conflicts with OptimizePress.


Incompatible Plugins:


1. Hybrid Connect – This has been known to cause issues with LiveEditor inside OptimizePress, although it should now work if you use the latest OP2 and hybrid Connect).


2. Affiliate Resources Page (Jack Born) – Stops the Pagebuilder process.


3. WP Minify – Breaks page layouts; it does not correctly minify CSS and JS, resulting in messed up pages.


4. Page Expiration Robot Pro – This will fail to render on some pages or cause page content to disappear in LiveEditor.


5. Digg Digg by Buffer, WordPress HTTPS (SSL), Lightbox Plus ColorBox, and SEOPressor – These all break the LiveEditor.


6. LinkTrackr – This breaks pages in some browsers.


7. Exclude Pages from Navigation – This causes issues with duplicate pages, or ghost pages appearing.


8. Pretty Links Lite/Pro – This breaks some OptimizePress functions like the exit redirect function.


9. 404 Redirection – This can break your opt-in boxes or cause strange redirection after opt-ins.


10. Revolution Slider – This conflicts with OP2.


11. CKEditor for WordPress – This stops WYSIWYG functions, and stops the text block editor from working.


12. WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin – This causes elements and images to disappear.


13. FancyBox for WordPress – This can cause issues with OptimizePress pages because there is Fancybox code inside OP2).


14. Ultimate TinyMCE plugin – This causes issues in the LiveEditor when updating elements.


15. Cforms II – LiveEditor will not work properly with this plugin; the loading icon swirls nonstop when you click to edit or add an element.


16. Evergreen Post Tweeter – This breaks the autoresponder integration.


17. W3 Total Cache (W3TC) – Although OptimizePress works with this, it is not advisable to use the minify function — this will break the styling on pages. Also, when using OptimizeMember, the object caching mode will cause issues.


Incompatible Themes:


1. Enfold Theme – This can break responsive resizing. Some templates can also be cut off; these can be fixed with custom CSS: @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {body.op-plugin .container { width: 100%; }}


2. ElegantThemes – These cause interference with certain LiveEditor parts.


3. Place – Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme (ThemeForest)


4. Headway Themes, United Theme’s Nevada Theme, and Bootstrap Press – This are known to cause issues.


5. Thesis Theme – This overrides LiveEditor pages so pages do not appear.


6. Udesign Theme – This causes issues with fonts.


Incompatible Hosting Services:


1. SEOHosting – Strange errors when editing sites have been reported by some customers when using this hosting.


2. GoDaddy – OptimizePress runs on this hosting service, but the hosting environment is relatively restrictive and sites tend to run slower.


If you need help with OptimizePress or want to try out version 2.0, simply click here.

Optimizing Your Web Business With The IMScalable Template

Attract. Engage. Sell. It’s the webpreneur’s mantra. When you’ve achieved all three and done so consistently, you’ll be able to reap the (lucrative) rewards of having an online business. Here’s the million-dollar question though: How do you attract, engage, and sell — for as little investment as possible?


For many successful Web startups and small organizations, that has been possible by using high converting marketing pages — from landing pages to membership portals — created by OptimizePress. Offering multiple marketing pages you can use without any technical experience and no coding necessary, OptimizePress has helped many marketing professionals and webrepreneurs be at par with industry leading sites. Today, OptimizePress announces yet another groundbreaking addition to its successful platform and it is called IMScalable.


The IMScalable template, which is an opt-in template, has been split-tested by optimization and traffic whiz Justin Brooke who shares that it has been his highest converting landing page.


Here’s how to download and use the IMScalable Template:

· Log in to your OptimizePress members area. Then scroll down to the Your Download section where you will see Extra Downloads, which contains additional downloadable content. Click this section, and you’ll be taken to the IMScalable page.


· Right click the highlighted portion, Click here to Download This Template. Choose Save Link As or Save Target.


· Save the template to whichever location you desire (e.g., desktop, documents, etc.).


· Once saved, go to your OptimizePress website. Go to the OptimizePress section and choose Page Builder from the drop down menu.


· On the PageBuilder, fill in the title for your new page and scroll down to select Use Content Page. Then click Upload Content Template. Click Choose File, and you’re going to then choose the IMScalable Template you downloaded earlier. Click Open, and Install Now.



· A prompt will appear saying the Content Template has been installed successfully. Scroll down the page and find the IMScalable Template under the Opt-in Pages. Choose the IMScalable Template and scroll further down to click Proceed to Step 2. You will then be taken to the LiveEditor page.


· On the LiveEditor page, you can alter the elements according to your requirements. These include: putting your own logo; adding credibility badges (i.e., “rated highly by so and so business news agency” or “ranked by international ranking agency”), which should enhance the authority of your opt-in page; the headline text, which according to Justin converts best when it says, “Free report reveals …” and the body text, which features bulleted points to make it easier for your target market to see the benefits of what you’re offering (e.g., free infographic, e-books, etc.), in return for their subscription.


You can also change the Download Now image to fit your brand but Justin has discovered that the Free PDF image has worked remarkably well with conversion.


· Once you’re done modifying the page, click on the Opt-in form to integrate with your autoresponder and the Opt-in Box will appear so you can make the necessary changes, including the Custom Button.


· Then set the page to Publish.

· Click Save and Close.


To see your handiwork with the new IMScalable template, go to Pages, and click on All Pages to view your new, high converting opt-in page.


Attract. Engage. Sell. And see how well the new OptimizePress template works in improving conversion rates for your online business today by clicking here.

Genesis Framework: Your WordPress Theme Maker

WordPress Theme

Here ere are the top 6 reasons why everybody loves Genesis


1. Easy switching of designs and templates. If you are backing out from the idea of switching designs because of the hard work you have to labor, with Genesis, not anymore. Using child themes, you get to change designs without any fuss. Simply click and select.


2. Functional widgets now available. Through Genesis, you add spice and flavor to your site. You can get featured pages and posts, latest tweets, user profile, user and updates widget on your webpage.


3. A click away to control your site. By simply clicking, you can change the way your navigation bar works, instantly display breadcrumbs, choose to receive notification, content archives, how your blog page will be displayed and add scripts with ease.


4. Promotes SEO. Genesis has built-in SEO features that can take care of your SEO needs including the importing or the exporting of your settings should you need to.


5. Upgrade with no hassle. With ease, you can upgrade to the latest version of Genesis.


6. More plugins. There are also other plugins to best customize your site. There’s the plugin for simple edits, simple hooks, simple sidebars, and simple menus.


These features of the Genesis Framework will definitely make designing site the easiest job you ever have to face. Enjoy the benefits most bloggers have already enjoyed through this WordPress’ theme maker. Purchase through this link and get yourself a bonus.

WordPress Framework Reviews – Getting The Hang Of Site Designing

wordPress framework reviewsDesigning a site may vary from the type of site to the level of experience the site designer has. Whatever you have, one thing is for sure; website designing will take time. Especially for individuals who are new to this, this will take all the skills and knowledge he can muster. In the process, the site owner is left with no choice but to stick to the original design he acquired with just to save time and cost tinkering his site.

Industry standard WordPress Framework

Genesis Framework boost of ease and convenience in leveraging your WordPress site.  If you have issues with changing layouts and designs because it takes time, through Genesis you will find no reason to feel such.  In fact you will find it exhilarating to change designs any time you find it necessary because of its child theme.  Simply choose a theme and let it take care of the rest of the details like theme file, style sheet, functions file and images.


Widgets that could spice up the look on your blogs are also possible through Genesis. You can add featured pages, featured posts, latest tweets, user profile, and new and updates widget.  Also, you can gain control on your website elements by just clicking.  A few clicks and you can change the way your navigation bar works, receive notification, content archives, change how your blog page displays, and add scripts.


Because SEO is already given as a part of most blogs today, built in SEO features are also embedded in Genesis Framework.  You could also save yourself from the hassle of inputting your preference by its import or export genesis settings.


Genesis also lets WordPress users enjoy a hassle-free upgrade. Users likewise enjoy customizing their site with added plugins on the site; simple edits simple hooks, simple sidebars, and simple menus.


We believe that your website will have better possibilities if you use Genesis Framework.  Get it through this link and you also get a bonus.